Bugs and beats attract crowds to VW festival

Two-year-old Lucas MacMillan  from Leeds inspects vintage Beetles at the VW Festival at Harewood House.

Two-year-old Lucas MacMillan from Leeds inspects vintage Beetles at the VW Festival at Harewood House.

MOTORING and music enthusiasts flocked to the tenth annual VW Festival at Harewood House this weekend.

More than 1,000 cars ranging from classic 1950s Beetles and camper vans to modern Volkswagens were on display.

And nine bands, including Sugartown and The Ska Beats, provided entertainment in live music tents.

An estimated 18,000 people attended the event, which this year had a superheroes fancy dress theme.

Event co-organiser Shane Beardsley said: “The turnout has been great, despite the weather being very blustery.

“The live music tents on Friday and Saturday nights were absolutely rocking. We had some great local bands on this year.”

Mr Beardsley added: “The VW community is a very passionate group of enthusiasts, they have often owned them for many years.

“The scene itself is all about people coming out and being with their friends and showing off their cars.

“A lot of people want to show their car off and they want it to judged and they want to win the awards.”

Other entertainment on offer at the three-day event included circus performers, dog display team Tail Waggers, a puppet show, chain saw jugglers and fire eating.

The VW Festival was sponsored by Swissvax, VW Van Centre West Yorkshire and Leeds Harrogate and Huddersfield VW.

A MAN dressed as superhero who was carrying what appeared to be a rifle caused a scare at the festival on Saturday.

Security staff were alerted to reports of a man dressed in black carrying what one family feared was a weapon at the festival, which had a superhero fancy dress theme.

One woman, who was at the festival with her husband and two young children, said: “I was terrified. He was dressed in black clothing from head to toe and had a long rifle that was pointing down at the floor.”

The man, who was dressed as Marvel Comics superhero character The Punisher, was carrying a plastic toy gun.

Event co-organiser Shane Beardsley said security staff spoke to the man, adding: “We told him to put the gun away.”




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