Boy Called Bremner set for Leeds silver screen debut

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  • by Tony Gardner

It’s been the longest fight of his career. After a 15-year scrap, former boxer-turned writer Jason Lumsden is finally about to make it to the big screen.

Filming of a Leeds-based 90-minute feature film, entitled Boy Called Bremner, is finally complete and ready to be premiered at Leeds Film Festival this year.

Bremner tells the story of a young amateur boxer and his pals in their quest for the big time.

The plot is thick with larger-than-life characters including Bremner’s dodgy boxing coach, a fake vicar, an Elvis impersonator and a drunken football-worshiping father. It follows 18-year-old Bremner, played by actor Sonny Lumsden, in his desperate bid to impress his father by making a better life for his baby daughter.

His life is beset with unemployment, family problems, drug dealers, crime and the hidden demons of depression and suicidal urges which prove to be bigger than any of his opponents in the ring.

The only antidotes are the focus, dreams and the antics of the crazy residents of the fictional Belle Moore estate and friends of his local boxing club. Bremner and his mates are determined to have fun, cause mischief, make money and resurrect their faltering amateur boxing careers.

The script for Bremner was started by Jason as long ago as 2000, himself is a former amateur boxer with Hunslet Boys Club. He said “It has been a real labour of lover but a great relief to finally get filming finished. It been a hard couple of years getting the scenes complete but everyone connected with the project is excited about the prospect of the public soon being able to see it.”

Much of The filming took place around Burmantofts Amateur Boxing Club in east Leeds, but other areas including Farsley, Ilkley and Osmondthorpe have been used as a back drop. Early scenes were shot in the Commercial pub, owned by Leeds United legend Peter Lorrimer, who has a brief cameo in the movie. Jason, 42, from Farsley, is a director of Thrive2Film - based at the Red Ladder Theatre Company in Leeds Centre, a charitable initiative which encourages children & young people to produce locally based films . Previews of Bremner will begin at Hyde Park Picture House from July 20.

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