Yorkshire restaurant owners’ fears over dog chip rumours

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The boss of a Chinese restaurant fears false rumours that a dog’s microchip had been found wedged in a customer’s teeth could mean the end of his business..

Wai Wing Lee, manager of Eastern Court Cantonese Restaurant in Glasshoughton, said hundreds of diners have been driven away.

The vicious rumours – spread on social networking websites – claimed that a dentist recovered a chip from between a diner’s teeth when he complained of toothache after eating at the Oriental buffet.

Mr Lee now says the business had made a loss for the last three weeks as the rumours spread on Facebook and Twitter.

Mr Lee said: “When I first heard it I thought it was so ridiculous that no-one would believe it, but it’s driving away customers and if things carry on like this we will go bankrupt. Customers started calling to ask if we were closed. It just couldn’t believe it – it’s total nonsense.”

A Wakefield Council spokesman said: “We have had no complaints related to the restaurant and have no evidence to support what appear to be malicious rumours.”

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