Leeds family appears on TV show in bid to cure son’s superheroes obsession

Kelly and Simon Laws with son George and daughter Maddie.
Kelly and Simon Laws with son George and daughter Maddie.
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When his little sister was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, George Laws vowed to use his super powers to save her.

But the six-year-old’s obsession with superheroes spiralled out of control – so parents Kelly and Simon called in the ‘Supernanny’ to tackle the situation.

The family, who live in Pudsey, Leeds, appeared on Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance in a bid to curb George’s addiction, which was sparked by his three-year-old sister Maddie being diagnosed with Rett Syndrome.

The condition, which only affects girls, means that although Maddie was a healthy one-year-old, her brain has taken a step backwards and she is now unable to walk, talk or feed herself.

After she was diagnosed last year, it became George’s mission to save Maddie’s brain – and he amassed a collection of superhero costumes ranging from Spider-Man and Batman to the Incredible Hulk and Buzz Lightyear.

It got to a stage where George was making up to 10 costume changes a day – and if he wasn’t allowed to wear his outfits, he would throw a tantrum.

So Jo Frost, also known as Supernanny, visited the family in a bid to resolve the situation – and her special tactics have worked wonders on George, a pupil at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School.

Mum Kelly, 34, said: “He wasn’t concentrating at school, he would say that he didn’t need to read because he was a superhero, he didn’t need to eat because he was a superhero. He was living in a fantasy world and genuinely thought he could save Maddie’s brain.

“Maddie being diagnosed was a massive shock for George but things have definitely improved since Jo’s visit.”

Among the tactics introduced by Jo Frost were a special clock, which broke the day down into sections where George was allowed to wear his costumes; and a “family routine”, which helped Kelly and Simon, 40, plan their day so they could spend more time with George.

Since finding out about Maddie’s diagnosis, Kelly and Simon – who runs flooring firm Laws 4 Floors – have become heavily involved with a charity called the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

British scientists are leading the way in the research field and it is possible that a cure will be found very soon.

Kelly added: “It’s heartbreaking because you worry during pregnancy, you worry during birth, you worry during the early days. But when your child gets to one, that worry should fade.

“Maddie’s diagnosis was a shock and our lives are ruled by her needs. But we are keeping positive and doing our best to raise funds and awareness in the hope a cure can be found.”

For more information about Rett Syndrome, visit: www.reverserett.org.uk

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