Half of drivers give cars names - poll

Basil Fawlty once beat his car when it broke down but most motorists seem to be fond of their vehicles.

More than half (53%) give names to their car, with Betty, Betsy and Bess the most popular, a poll by webuyanycar.com found.

As many as 60% of women and 41% of men feel emotionally attached to their motor, with 25% shedding a tear when they part company.

Other popular names include Bertie, Daisy, Bertha and Meg, while

Harrison and Anna have been used by owners of Ford vehicles.

One owner called his car God as "it moves in mysterious ways" while another dubbed his motor Efan Ekoku after the Nigerian-born football star of the 1990s.

The poll of 3,000 people showed that red and blue cars were the most likely to be given a name, while grey and green vehicles were least likely.

First cars were the most likely to be given a name, yet 17% got emotionally attached to every car they own.

Despite the majority of car owners naming their vehicles, just 12% passed on the name to the new owner once they sold it, with only 2% continuing to call the car by the same name.

These were the top 10 car names:

1. Betty

2. Betsy

3. Bess

4. Bertie

5. Daisy

6. Bertha

7. Meg

8. Charlie

9. Herbie

10. Bob

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