Fings are wot they used to be!

The revival of Yorks chocolate bar is yet another sign of our ongoing love affair with the '70s

By Grant Woodward

IT was a time when Tiswas was big and trouser legs were even bigger.

Now the revival of a Seventies favourite promises to transport nostalgists everywhere back to those heady days when space hoppers and Starsky and Hutch ruled the earth.

Following hot on the heels of the re-launched Chopper bike and the big screen version of hit telly show The Dukes of Hazzard comes the return of the Texan bar.

Dentists may not be celebrating, but for those of a certain age, the resurrection of the chewy chocolate and caramel treat – for six weeks only – could just be the comeback of the year.

Certainly visitors to online sweet shop are happy.

Thousands of them voted the Texan the most popular chocolate bar ever and, before its return was announced, were even ready to mount a campaign to bring it back.

Michael Parker, who started up in 2002, is just one of those cashing in on our increasing fondness to hark back to bygone days.


He sees food as a simple way for people to rekindle their memories of what seems, if perhaps only through rose-tinted spectacles, to have been a happier time.

"Sweets just bring memories flooding back," said Mr Parker. "Just try mentioning the list of sweets around the office, or to friends, and see what reaction you get.

"Ever since we started we have received a steady stream of emails from customers enquiring if Texans are still available.

"It's sad that they are only coming back for six weeks, so we'll have to savour them while we can."

Former Radio One DJ and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here winner Tony Blackburn is another who makes a healthy living out of our apparently insatiable appetites for all things retro.

His Seventies disco set is a huge hit in these postmodern times – most notably at university student unions up and down the country.

Little wonder then that he was chosen by chocolate firm Nestle, whose British manufacturing base is in York, to be the public face of the re-launched Texan.

What we miss most about the 1970s

Here are some of the findings from a survey of Yorkshire people's Seventies memories:

l Most said the music is the thing they missed the most from the Seventies (33 per cent) ;

l Queen are the Seventies band most people would like to see reform (35 per cent);

l Starsky and Hutch is the TV show that reminds them most about the decade (28 per cent) ;

l Flares were pinpointed as the decade's dominant fashion trend (51 per cent) ;

l Grease is their favourite film of the Seventies (35 per cent) ;

l Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive is the song that best epitomises the Seventies for most people (24 per cent);

l Satin catsuits are the one thing that should be banished to the Seventies forever (35 per cent).

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