Farnell: Armley office workers give school makeover

When it comes to painting, these Armley office workers have got it licked!

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Employees at Farnell, an Armley-based electronics firm, took time out of their normal working hours to brush up on their decorating skills and help brighten up a classroom at the local Christchurch Primary School.

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It was all part of the company's community projects programme.

The painting challenge was taken on by the supply chain team.

The group gave the school's breakfast club room a colourful makeover and both pupils and teachers were delighted with their efforts.

Pat Richards, head teacher of Christchurch Primary, said the support of the local business was very welcome.

"Some of our pupils have a difficult home life," she explained. "We want those children to feel like they are coming into a warm and friendly environment every day and the surroundings play a huge part in that.

"Obtaining funding for the upkeep of the school can be a lengthy process, which is why we are so thankful to Farnell for providing the resources and people."

Team leader Vicky Jones said: "The teachers and pupils made us feel so welcome and we look forward to going back there to work on more projects."