A level results: Fulneck School, Leeds

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Check out A level results for Fulneck School in Leeds.

N Ali rel studs*,apld bus, biol; C Avery gov and polits*, hist, econ; J Bradley apld bus*, geog ; N Burns maths**, frth maths**, phys**; E Elabeidi med studs, econ, biol; I Garcia-Gomez me, rel studs, span; N Grewal biol, apld bus, geog; C Hill apld bus*, econ, geog; S Howard-Walker eng lit, psychol, rel studs; R Hu apld bus, chin; D Kwan biol, chin; M Leung chin; Y Lu maths*, chin, frth maths, phys; L McCue econ, fren, geog; D Mohun chem, maths, phys; A Mok chem, chin, geog, maths; M Munyurwa biol, apld bus, econ; J Noonan econ, hist, gov and polits; A Swift biol**, chem*, hist; G Takhar apld bus, apld ict, hist; H Watson biol, hist, gov and polits; R Watt econ*, hist, gov and polits*; S Weatherhead apld bus; C Yan econ, maths*, gov and polits; T Yu fine art, chin; Z Zaraar econ, rel studs*; J Zhou apld bus*, chin, maths*.


Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*); Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**). accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think; Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

Rachel Reeves, Leeds West MP and former junior chess champion, during her visit toWhingate Primary School with Grand Master Malcolm Pein, Chief Executive of CSC, to support of Chess in Schools and Communities.
Picture shows Malcolm Pein and Rachel Reeves taking part in a simul against 16 children.
Rachel will joined children of the school in a chess lesson and give a simultaneous exhibition, playing the best players from the school.
 Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) is a UK charity whose mission is to improve childrens educational outcomes and social development by introducing them to the game of chess.
16 November 2017.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Founded in 2009, CSC now teaches in over 300 schools and supports 500 more nationwide including 13 in Leeds, teaching around 1000 children each week how to play the game in classroom lessons and after-school clubs.

Chess ace Leeds MP drops into school for eight games at once