Drunk hurt Leeds police officers as he fled house in handcuffs

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A drunk who injured police officers as he escaped in handcuffs after being arrested for forcing his way into a woman’s home has been jailed.

Matthew Ullah, 21, was jailed for eight months yesterday over the incident which took place after he was asked to leave a house party.

Leeds Crown Court heard Ullah and others had been drinking at a house on Ashby Crescent, Bramley, on October 29 this year and were asked to leave by the woman who lived at the property after things began to get “rowdy.”

The woman went to bed around 1am after everyone had left but Ullah returned to the property and began banging on the front door. She told him to go away but Ullah refused. He climbed up a drainpipe before banging on the bedroom window.

The woman then called police as Ullah went back downstairs and kicked in a door to get inside.

Ullah still refused to leave and became aggressive when two female police officers arrived.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, said the officers feared Ullah was going to attack him and used CS spray on him before putting him in handcuffs. Ullah then told them: “You are only two women. I could leave if I wanted to.”

He then pushed one of the officers backwards. An officer then suffered a cut to her hand as they struggled to detain Ullah.

Ullah ran off and remained at large before handing himself in at Elland Road police station a week later. Ullah, of Wyther Park Avenue, Bramley, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and escape.

Jailing Ullah, judge christopher Batty said: “People have to understand that if the police arrest you, then you stay arrested and you do as you are told.

“Anyone who dosen’t, anyone who escapes, goes to custody. The courts will not tolerate those who show such a lack of respect to the police.

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