Dramatic rescue of man from smoke-logged Leeds flat



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Firefighters were involved in a dramatic rescue after a flat in Leeds became smoke logged.

A man aged about 65 became trapped in the flat on Old Farm Garth at about 9.30pm yesterday but it was his upstairs neighbours who raised the alarm.

Watch commander Vince Nickle, who attended the incident, said when they arrived they were forced to smash their way into the flat

He said: “When we arrived on the scene we had to break the front door down and the man inside was semi-conscious, he was staggering around and literally fell into our arms. He was very lucky.

“We took him outside and gave him oxygen until the ambulance crews arrived.”

He said the cause of the smoke had been a pan which had been left on the stove and boiled dry.

He added: “Smoke alarms were fitted in the property but it was the neighbours who raised the alarm.”

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