Down in the dumps over ‘unclaimed’ Leeds skip

John Edgell.
John Edgell.
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A FRUSTRATED granddad is down in the dumps after being left with a full skip which has no apparent owner.

John Edgell, 70, said he is scratching his head about how to get rid of the skip as no details where handed over when it was delivered back in March.

The pensioner from Kippax said he ordered the skip through an 0800 number on a ‘skip hire’ website - which his bank has told him has now gone bust.

He believes the 0800 number was a broker in London who arranged a local company to deliver the skip.

Mr Edgell, who lives with his wife Ann on Holland Road, said: “I never thought to check for details when the skip was dropped off. We’ve looked all over the skip there is nothing whatsover written on it.

“So I’ve been left with a three-quarters full skip in my front yard. It’s not very nice. It’s in front of my lounge window.

“My wife’s bending my ear every day. She can ask me questions but I can’t give her any answers. I do know that several people in the locality have also been depositing things in it - which is another reason why I want it to go as quickly as possible. But I’ve come to a dead end.”

It was when Mr Edgell finished using the skip that he realised no details had been left.

He said he rang all the 0800 numbers he could find on the internet but no-one knew anything about his skip

“So I investigated it through the bank. I got through to the fraud department, but I said ‘it’s not fraud - they took the money out and I did get the skip. I just have no-one to contact about getting it picked up’.

“But they said this company has gone into liquidation.”

He added: “It must have been a Leeds skip hire company but there must be 150 different companies.

“Someone must have our phone number and address but no-one has contacted us.”

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