Detectors put the head on badly insulated Leeds homes

A heat-detecting vehicle that pinpoints warmth escaping from homes is set to hit the roads in Leeds.

The HeatSeekers vehicle uses thermal imaging technology to identify homes that may benefit from better insulation.

Operating during colder nights, each vehicle will assess up to 1,000 properties an hour around Leeds.

The thermal-imaging technology highlights where heat is escaping from a property and identifies if the home would benefit from further insulation.

Once an area has been imaged, a team of energy advisers carries out free surveys, talking to residents about how they can improve insulation and take action to reduce both their energy bills and carbon footprint.

An uninsulated home can lose up to 35 per cent of its heat through the walls and up to 25 per cent through the loft. With adequate insultation, a householder could cut 160 per year from their fuel bill.

Coun James Monaghan, the council's executive board member for the environment, said: "For a lot of people, energy efficiency can seem like a bit of an abstract idea – this is a very visual, very interesting way to grab their attention and tell them of the benefits of saving energy.

"Saving energy means saving money, it's as simple as that.

"We're happy to support this effort and encourage residents to talk to the energy advisors about the help available to them."

Keith Hewitson, director of the Energy Saving Partnership, a project management company specialising in energy efficiency, said: "The Heatseekers thermal imaging vehicle has already created quite a buzz and we are delighted to see it in action.

"Our energy advisers are keen to spread the word about the grant funding which is easily available to all homeowners, which significantly reduces the cost of insulation improvements.

"The technology has already helped improve energy efficiency in thousands of homes across the country.

"The Heatseekers vehicle is one of the key front-line weapons in the battle against climate change and is already playing an integral role in the plans to make UK homes more energy efficient."

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