WATCH: Young woman brutally punched in the face by man on South Yorkshire night out

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This is the shocking moment a young woman is brutally punched and left with a broken eye socket on a night out in South Yorkshire.

Video footage shows a fight breaking out between two men in Doncaster town centre at around 4am on Sunday.

Still of the video (s)

Still of the video (s)

The two men can be seen arguing on the street before they start pushing and shoving each other.

Worried bystanders try and break up the pair as more punches are thrown by the men.

The man in the black blazer then angrily kicks away a piece of litter on the floor before preparing to throw another punch.

He then wildly swings his right arm and punches a young woman standing next to him in the face.

The woman recoils away in agony before the man is punched a number of times by the man in the green jacket.

Following the attack, the woman was left with a broken eye socket with her cheek "broken in three places".

She said she will now have an operation and get plates fitted in her face.

Footage of the "devastating attack" was posted onto the Doncaster Free Press' Facebook page with an appeal for information to be passed on to police.

South Yorkshire Police have been approached for comment.

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