Leeds is an insurance hotspot for car crimes

CRIME ZONE: Insurance claim levels are high in Leeds.
CRIME ZONE: Insurance claim levels are high in Leeds.
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Drivers in Leeds are among the most likely in the UK to make a claim on their car insurance for crime, according to new figures.

Leeds motorists have made more than 1,100 claims for theft of a vehicle, vandalism to their car or theft of contents in the last two years according to analysis of car insurance quotes.

Meanwhile drivers in Harrogate were found to be the fourth least likely to make a car crime-related claim, with only 57 reported in over 28,000 quotes.

The figures come from analysis of over 13m car insurance quotes with comparison firm MoneySupermarket in the year from April 2012, collating whether motorists stated they had claimed for car-related crime in the last two years.

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: “While there are clearly some areas of the country with a higher proportion of insurance claims for car crime than others, this doesn’t actually mean the area is rife with crime.

“Thieves often specifically target areas with a high number of cars parked on the street.”

The research shows that more than one in every 200 Leeds residents who asked for insurance quotes with the firm had been the victim of car crime.

Leeds had the second highest rate of people reporting they had been a victim of car crime outside of London, with only Huddersfield ranking higher.

Mr Harrison said: “Motorists should always secure their vehicle properly and hide any gadgets or bags left in the car – leaving expensive gadgets such as sat navs on display may encourage opportunistic thieves.”

West Yorkshire Police figures show incidents of car crime going down considerably from 2010/ 11 to 2011/ 12, with theft of vehicles down 20 per cent alone.

A police spokesman said: “Car crime is an issue that the police in Leeds have been working hard to reduce in a variety of ways, from targeted patrols in hotspot areas to the deployment of high-tech capture cars fitted with hidden cameras and trackable valuables that help us to catch thieves in the act.”

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