Chapeltown Brazil footballer jailed in drugs and shotgun case

A young footballer has been locked up for five years after drugs police found a shotgun and pistol at his home.

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Chapeltown Brazil FC amateur star Lutel Williams, 20, sold heroin and cocaine to undercover police, Leeds Crown Court heard.

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When police raided his mother's house where he lived in Dolphin Street, Richmond Hill, they discovered a sawn-off shotgun, a pistol and ammunition.

Prosecutor Stephen Grattage said the weapons and eight 9mm rounds of ammunition were hidden in bags and boxes in the airing cupboard.

Williams told police he was dealing to try to pay a drug debt and was threatened and told to keep the guns.

Richard Reed, for Williams said: "He is a very talented footballer with great potential. His career is in ruins."

Williams arranged to meet men he thought were drug users near his home at 2pm on January 13. He sold them heroin for 30 and two hours later sold them heroin and cocaine. The men were undercover police officers.

On March 25 Williams was arrested and the guns were found during a search of his address.

In 2002 Williams was convicted of robbery and in 2004 he was locked up for two years for dealing heroin and crack cocaine.

Sending him to a Young Offender Institution for five years for the latest offences, Judge James Spencer QC told Williams: "You know what trouble it caused, it interrupted your career and you have done it again. But this time much more seriously, getting involved holding guns for somebody else."

Williams had admitted three charges of supplying Class A drugs, two counts of possessing a firearm and one of possessing ammunition.