'Castrate me' says Internet paedophile who stalked Leeds schoolgirls

An Internet paedophile with an Ugg boots fetish who stalked Leeds schoolgirls after infiltrating their social networking sites wants to be castrated.

Leeds Crown Court heard Mark Southeby would accept being chemically castrated to curb his sex drive after he subjected at

least six girls aged 14 to 18 to six months of sexual harassment.

Married dad Southeby, 38, used Facebook, MSN and MySpace to track the group of friends from his home in Buckinghamshire between last July and December.

The friends went to the same Leeds area high school which cannot be named for legal reasons.

Southeby used false names, adopted some of the girl's identities to chat to their friends and even cloned web pages on the

girls' websites.

Heavy breather Southeby, described as a having a "creepy voice", bombarded the girls with dozens of early hours mobile phone calls and

became obsessed with one 14-year-old after spotting a website picture of her wearing Ugg boots.

Prosecutor Robin Frieze said police found dozens of pictures of girls wearing the fashion boots on Southeby's mobile phone.

During one terrifying call he told the 14-year-old he was obsessed with the clothes she was wearing that day.

He contacted one of her friends asking to invite the 14-year-old to her house saying he could drug her and do what he wanted with her.

Southeby even called her school claiming to be the girl's father saying he had lost her mobile number.

But he was exposed after the suspicious school receptionist passed the phone to a teacher who knew the girl's father.

The court heard Southeby had previously been investigated by police after twice buying sleep inducing drug chloroform on-line in June 2006 and January 2007.

During his harassment campaign Southeby asked a young girl if she wanted sex.

One young girl believed the person she was dealing with was her boyfriend after Southeby said he loved her before asking her

to perform indecent acts via a webcam, but she refused.

Mr Reed for Southeby said his client is highly sexed and would welcome any treatment. "It's a matter that causes him daily upset. From his perspective, were it effectively chemical castration that would be a benefit."

Mr Reed added: "The pleasure he obtained from this contact was in having the discussions about Ugg boots with those girls and

as he was having those discussions effectively relieving his sexual frustration."

The court heard Southeby's wife is supporting him.

Southeby, of Dutton Way, Iver, Buckinghamshire, had admitted three charges of inciting sexual activity with a child and six

charges of harassment.

Judge Jennifer Kershaw QC adjourned sentencing until next Monday.

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