Career criminal will serve full sentence, judges rule

A career criminal who was locked up after being given chance after chance to change his ways has been told he deserves every day of his jail term.

Drug addict Christopher Seymour was caught stealing from a car near Elland Road stadium while serving a suspended sentence for shoplifting.

The 31-year-old, of Heathcroft Drive, Beeston, Leeds, was jailed for 22 months at Leeds Crown Court last September, after he admitted theft.

He challenged his sentence at London's Criminal Appeal Court on Tuesday, with his lawyers arguing it was too long for his crime.

But senior judges dismissed the appeal, saying he had a history of flouting court orders and his sentence was "not excessive".

Lord Justice Pitchford told the court Seymour had been given four chances to get clean from drugs and stop offending in 2009.

He was placed on a community order by magistrates in February that year after admitting theft and attempted theft from motor vehicles.

Despite breaching the order twice, and committing a shop theft in October 2009, he was given another chance to mend his ways in April last year, when magistrates gave him a suspended sentence.

At the same time he was given treatment for his addiction to class A drugs, but the court heard he continued to take heroin and crack cocaine, as well as prescription methadone.

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