YOUNG VOICES: Loom band craze is here to stay

Loom bands

Loom bands

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The craze of loom band making has captured children’s imaginations, Holly Stephens reports.

I make many loom bands of all different colours and difficulties – some are more complicated than others.

I started learning how to create them from my friends at school.

At first they were very basic ones but then when I got some myself I started to challenge myself with some advanced loom bands.

Now I know I must have made over 50 creations to date that I didn’t ever think I would ever be able to make.

My school nearly banned loom bands because of all the silliness and problems and arguments they caused.

But now they have just been limited to be used in the small playground and not as many people bring them in any more.

The loom band craze seemed to begin in May. They were created by a man to impress his kids and I think it has worked.

When I went to buy some more packets of loom bands in a local toy shop, a woman standing at the till, who was serving someone with a vast pile of loom bands and accessories, said: “I have never seen a craze like this in my life.”

In my opinion I think it has captured so many children because it is so addictive.

All the new creations that have been filmed on YouTube look absolutely beautiful.

I am sure it will take a while for this craze to eventually settle down.

Even when the initial fuss about the craze has quietened down, I am almost certain that people will keep making them.

PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

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