Sirius says polyhalite benefits South American farmers

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Sirius Minerals has released results from its ongoing global crop research programme into the effects of its polyhalite.

The company is developing the York Potash project, which has the potential to be the world’s largest resource for the naturally occurring mineral.

The latest update provides results from independent studies undertaken in Brazil on tomato and potato crops at the University of Sao Paulo.

Chris Fraser, managing director and CEO of Sirius, said: “Tomatoes and potatoes are two very large markets globally and these results further demonstrate that polyhalite provides the farmer with an economical option to lower input costs, increase yields and get an overall better quality product.”

The Brazilian market for tomatoes accounts for 66 per cent of a $4.79bn South American tomato crop market. Brazil also supplies 22 per cent of the $6bn South American potato crop.

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