New law firm set to offer family mediation

A LAW practice in Harrogate has launched a specialist partner firm focusing on family law mediation.

The new firm, Stowe Family Law Settlements, is staffed by nine trained lawyer mediators, trained family mediators who are also qualified and experienced family lawyers.

The aim of the service is to help divorcing couples avoid nasty, expensive and protracted courtroom battles. Instead, the lawyer mediator sits down with both, discusses the likely outcome of the case if it did go to court, and helps them to reach formal agreement.

Stowe Family Law Settlements has been launched because Stowe Family Law's senior partner, Marilyn Stowe, believes that "change is in the air".

She believes that couples want to split amicably and are also looking to save money.

John Garner (left) and Gareth Marshall of LDC

LDC strengthens Yorkshire team as it plans to grow