Glazing firm's a glass act when it comes to health and safety

A MORLEY company put the spotlight on the environment, health and safety as part of an international day of action.

Double glazing manufacturer and supplier Solaglas is part of international firm Saint-Gobain, and its 80 employees are part of the parent company's 200,000-strong workforce.

Saint-Gobain organised an International Environment, Health and Safety Day at its centres around the world.

It involved a series of events designed to raise awareness of the need for health and safety both at work and at home.

The day was also aimed at improving employees' knowledge of environmental issues.

Activities at Morley included a hazard spotting contest across the site, with staff encouraged to identify potential hazards in the workplace, and a forklift truck driving competition with employees manoeuvring a forklift around an obstacle course.

Winners of the two competitions received a 50 voucher prize.

A car share scheme was also set up on the day to promote environmental awareness and reduce employees' carbon footprints. Drivers and passengers sharing a car to work were each rewarded with a 5 voucher.

Heath, safety and quality manager Mark Gibson said: "This is the third time Saint-Gobain has held a day to highlight the importance of health, safety and the environment and Solaglas is proud to be involved. Ensuring a safe working environment for employees and working to create a sustainable future are key objectives for Solaglas and all Saint-Gobain business worldwide. So this day is a great way of reinforcing key messages while having fun at the same time."