Economic uncertainty on timetable when bank chief visits university

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YORKSHIRE Bank’s chief economist Tom Vosa is set to give a talk on economic uncertainty to students at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Mr Vosa will speak at an event at the university’s Rose Bowl on Tuesday January 14 as part of Leeds Business School’s public guest lecture series,

He said: “Last year saw the UK economy avoid the dreaded triple dip recession and start to display some real momentum in growth. While the outlook for 2014 is a little stronger than expected this time last year, there are very real questions over the quality of the recovery. Is it too focused on housing and southern England or overly reliant on the UK consumer? With real wages still squeezed, how will consumption be maintained over the next two years as we wait for the economy to rebalance? I intend to look at the global economy, then drill down to the UK outlook before finally commenting on what this means for the Yorkshire region as a whole. The interesting news is that despite press reports concentrating on the housing market. Business surveys suggest that the regional outlook is much more balanced.”

Gareth Harris of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP

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