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I am searching for descendents of my uncle Edmund John Newton and his wife Martha Ann (nee Dawson) who were married at Armley Church in 1917 and who, for many years, lived in Winchester Mount.

Edmund was my father Percy Newton's brother. He also had brothers Harry, George and Archibald and three sisters, Eva, Mary and Dorothy Diamond Victoria. Mary and Dorothy both died in childhood.

Edmund and Martha had a son Leslie, a daughter Doris and grandchildren.

Leslie lived on Heights Drive and it was there that Edmund died in 1964 after spending some time in Kirkdene nursing home, Kirkstall.

Martha died before Edmund, also in 1964, at their home on Winchester Mount.

Edmund and Martha are buried in New Wortley Cemetery.

Any information that would help me trace family members would be most welcome.

David Newton



My grandparents, John Edward Cryer and Margaret Pearce, were married in Armley Church, Parish of Leeds on March 31, 1902.

Is this church still in existence?

Terry Watson

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



My name is Alan Brossoie, I live in the USA.

One of my ancestors was apparently a Vicar of Armley in as far back as the 1600s? He would have been part of a family known as Hartley.

It is said he had a son James Hartley who in turn had a child named Robert Hartley that married a Martha Smithson in the mid 1700s.

It is thought that the Vicar of Armley was the great grandson of one Christopher Hartley.

The references we have do not name the Vicars father or grandfather.

Can someone guide me to some reference where I might continue a search on the Hartley family both forward and backward from this point of reference?

Alan Brossoie



My Grandfather Mr W Thackray ran a plumbing and electrical shop in Armley Town ST in the 1930s/1940s.

Does any one remember the shop – what was the address? Does the building still exist?

I believe he sang in ST Bartholomew's choir and was friendly with Herbert Bardgett the organist. Any one at the church remember?

I believe in the 1940's they also lived at 2 halliday mount.

Any info and memories of the family much appreciated. My mother Marjorie Thackray lived with them Also My Grandmothers sister Lavinia (Vinnie) Broadley.

Howard Thompson



Born in Tower Lane, Armley, my family history includes many Armley families, Coates, Bradley, Dean, Booker, Reader, Dearden etc. I am always glad to share information and will be pleased to hear from anyone.

Alan Coates



I'm an Aussie who is presently trying to do some family research via (like so many others!). Most of my family on my paternal grandmother's branch of the family tree were either born in the Leeds area or moved there from Newark, Notts. at some stage, residing mainly in Armley, Wortley or Bramley, and some were still there when Nan visited there from Australia in 1987.

Nan was born in Leeds, but her family migrated to Sydney in 1911 - she died in 1993 (before any of us got a real interest in finding out about the family history, unfortunately) so that last living link between the two countries has gone, and sadly the only address I have is for a wife of one of her cousins, and she too is now deceased.

I'd really appreciate any advice you could give me!

Sandie Blacklidge



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