876 days in prison for Leeds burglar – eight days after break-in

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A burglar who was caught on CCTV breaking into a flat in Leeds found himself behind bars just days later.

Adrian Lee, of Beckhill Gardens, Meanwood, was jailed for 876 days at Leeds Crown Court after he admitted burgling the first-floor property in Mill Pond Grove, Meanwood.

Lee had climbed a drainpipe to reach the flat’s balcony before forcing open a door into the living room on the morning of Thursday, November 1.

He was disturbed by the man who lived there and vaulted over the balcony to escape.

He was arrested later the same day after being identified from CCTV at the property.

Det Chief Insp Elizabeth Belton, of North East Leeds Division, said the unusually quick result in the case should give the public confidence – and demonstrated the importance of CCTV.

She added: “When Lee was arrested and interviewed he initially gave no comment but when he was then confronted with the photographic evidence clearly showing him in the premises he had no choice but to make made a full and frank admission.

“This case again shows how important a tool CCTV is in helping the police to identify suspects and bring them to justice.

“We also hope it provides some reassurance to his victim and the wider community to see a burglar sent to prison so quickly after committing the offence.”

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