Gardening: Go wild for garlic

One woodland plant is as much as part of spring as bluebells, but tasty too. David Overend reports.

Gardening: 5 of the best children's garden toys

Gardening: 5 of the best children's garden toys

Fun and games for kids in the garden!

PRETTY IN PINK: But the traditional bluebell is something very different.

Gardening: Beating the blues

The traditional woodland delight has been fighting off a foreign invader. David Overend reports.

SPRING SHOW: Leave daffodil leaves alone for six weeks after the flowers die off.

Gardening: A knotty problem

What not to do with daffs after the flowers die to get the best show next year. David Overend reports.

SPRING SENSATION: A mature pieris.

Gardening: Stalwarts and all

If the soil is acid-rich, the vivid colours of pieris will brighten up your garden, writes David Overend.

IN THE PINK: Magnolia sargentiana in all its glory.

Gardening: Pretty in pink

Sometimes, plants need a rest; they have performed magnificently – to the point of exhaustion – and they know when it’s time to take time for themselves.

IN THE PINK: Spring likes to make the most of camellias and their peony-like flowers.

Gardening: Meet my Debbie

David Overend reveals how he fell head over heels for a China girl who put down roots in deepest Wales.

PLUM LINE: The purple-leaved plum has found a place in the hearts of many gardeners.

Gardening: Brightness falls

Prunus cerasifera pissardii is a bit of a mouthful, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming widely grown in gardens throughout the country.

IN THE PINK: Viburnum tinus Eve Price is now a mainstay of many British gardens.

Gardening: Adam and Eve it

This is all about Eve; not about the film starring Bette Davis, nor even about the British goth band with Yorkshire connections, famed for their hit Martha’s Harbour, but all about the evergreen shrub ‘Eve Price’.

FLOWER POWER: Spring colour from Bergenia cordifolia.

Gardening: What’s this ear?

Why do we give so many daft names to plants? Is it because we can’t remember their proper Latin names or is it because we like to make them seem a bit more approachable, a bit more like a member of the family?

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Hellebores have so much to offer the garden.

Gardening: Cold comforts

Any plants that flower at the coldest time of the year deserve extra attention, but the hellebore is a special case even among this select group.

FRUITFUL: Raspberries are well worth the effort.

Gardening: Just desserts

February may be potentially the worst month of winter but it is also the time for raspberries – pruning the autumn-fruiting canes down to the ground and planting bare-rooted plants of the summer-fruiting varieties.

SMALL WONDER: Cyclamen coum grow well with snowdrops.

Gardening: Stars of winter

Many gardeners probably had a lovely show of container-grown flowers last year, but, then, come the colder months, they struggled to succeed with any colourful plants to take their place.

ON GUARD: Newly-planted trees may need protecting from pests like rabbits or deer.

Gardedning: Navigating roots

Time flies, and with it comes an annual dilemma for many gardeners thinking of planting a tree or shrub – whether to get the job done or wait until spring.

WINTER WONDER: Senecio is proving to be more than just a star of summer.

Gardening: The tough get going

Senecio is a plant that people normally associate with summer, but the one pictured here was blooming last week – admittedly in a sheltered spot – 600ft up in the Pennines.

HOME AND DRY: Viburnum opulus can tolerate heavy, damp ground.

Gardening: Raining champs

We all need cheering up. Forget about winter, start thinking about spring – and then the glory of a proper English summer.

Nick Coulter planting up his plot six weeks after the site opened.. Picture Tony Johnson

Fresh air, veg and banter at new Leeds allotment space

Gardeners are overjoyed that a Leeds allotments is open for business after a six-year wait – and want people to take advantage of its “beautiful spot”.

CAPTION: SEEING RED: Poppies are still blooming.

Gardening: Fallen offerings

The Tour de France’s visit to Yorkshire in 2014 left a lasting impression. Yellow was the colour and cycling was the name of the game. Two years later, some parts of the county are still remembering what was an epic occasion – only in a very different way.

LAVENDER: A wonderful plant with a wonderful array of uses.

Gardening: Lavender - the bees knees

Lavender has all kinds of uses and a fragrance gardeners love. David Overend reports.

Leeds made its mark at this year's Yorkshire in Bloom awards.

City strikes gold in awards

Gardening enthusiasts struck gold for the city at this year’s Yorkshire in Bloom awards.

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