Beauty tutorial: ‘Eyebrows can take away years and balance your face’

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From heavy, sluggy brows to tadpoles, eyebrow guru Shavata Singh tells Stephanie Smith how balanced brows can transform the face.

Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. They don’t have to be perfectly matching, and no one has a symmetrical face.

Brow guru Shavata, left, at Harvey Nichols Leeds last week with the Laura Moore and her new defining brows.

Brow guru Shavata, left, at Harvey Nichols Leeds last week with the Laura Moore and her new defining brows.

This is one of the many eyebrow traps we can fall into. Brow guru Shavata Singh brought her expertise to Harvey Nichols Leeds last week to rescue us from sluggy brows , tadpoles and more eyesores.

“There is a difference between overpowering and defining,” she says. “Eyebrows should silently complement a face and never be a feature. When you go to an art gallery, you’re not there to admire the frame; you’re there to admire the painting.”

“Tadpoles”, meanwhile, are thick at the nose end, tapering finely to the temples. This divides the eye in half, making the face look unbalanced.

Famed for creating the perfect arch, Shavata has more than 30 years’ experience. She began her career as a beauty therapist at Michael John in Mayfair, where she pioneered the shaping of brows, a treatment that was not a part of the core salon offering at the time, introducing natural shaping using pure cotton thread, a now familiar technique known as threading.

Shavata in her Brow Studio.

Shavata in her Brow Studio.

She attracted the attention of Vogue after an ex editor was thrilled with her new youth-boosting brow shape, and soon celebrity clients included Adele, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Brook, Kate Hudson and Elle Macpherson. Harrods offered her a concession and she launched The Brow Studio, specialising in brows and lashes and offering threading, tinting, semi-permanent lash extension, brow make-up and more.

Shavata, who still practises twice a week as a therapist, has developed specialist products too, including the award-winning Defining Pencil and Lash Fabricator, to use at home.

Well-balanced eyebrows, she says, can take years off your face and frame it to a different level. But be warned: “If you over-pluck when you’re young, later on you won’t have any eyebrows left.”

The Brow Studio is at Harvey Nichols Leeds, and check out

Balanced brows can transform the face, says Shavata.

Balanced brows can transform the face, says Shavata.


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