Restaurant review: Tasty!, Oakwood, Leeds

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When you name your cafe Tasty!, you’re already setting the bar pretty high.

It’s not only a bit presumptuous, it runs the risk of giving reviewers a few easy puns if it’s anything less than delicious. It’s up there with naming your clothes shop Stylish or your model of car Speedy.

So this little cafe in Oakwood had a lot to live up to when we popped in for a midweek lunch.

Occupying a prime position opposite Oakwood Clock, it had clearly built up something of a reputation already. Despite it being early for lunch, it was almost full.

That showed it was popular, but was it tasty too?

The answer came with my very first bite into the mint chocolate brownie which ended my lunch. Dense, squidgy chocolatey cake was topped with mammoth chunks of mint Aero. Never mind tasty, it was simply delectable.

But despite how it may sound, we didn’t just try the cake offerings – fun as that may have been.

Tasty offers an array of savoury foods, from breakfast to the usual lunch suspects including sandwiches, jacket potatoes and paninis.

Then there was a selection of more interesting lunch meals, many of which were variations on a burger – the Texan ‘bbq’ burger, the triple burger and the “not for the fainthearted” Tasty meaty beast.

That includes two burgers, pulled pork, bacon, cheese and onion rings and sounds worthy of an appearance on Man V Food.

However we both decided that was a step too far and went for something a bit less challenging.

I wanted to try the 12-hour slow cooked Yorkshire pulled pork shoulder, which came in a toasted bun with BBQ sauce.

I’d asked them to hold off on the beetroot-slaw it was supposed to come with, so my sandwich was a little one-dimensional – entirely my fault. But the pork was amazingly tender with a smokey flavour, offset by tangy sauce.

Its muscular size would’ve been a delight to any meat-lover, though I struggled to finish the generous portion.

My only criticism was that a few salad leaves might have been nice.

My dining partner’s choice came under the hot sandwich section, which was appropriate on two levels as he picked the Firecracker. A white baguette containing ample amounts of tikka chicken and chargrilled peppers, the sandwich was given a delicious kick by the spicy paprika relish and jalapeno mayo.

It was probably the one thing on the menu that packed enough of a punch to clear his blocked sinuses, as he was struggling with a cold.

The “famous homemade chunky chips” were just as good as claimed and we both tucked into them alongside our sandwiches.

Our meal, with three soft drinks including a delicious Fentimans Cherrytree Cola, cost £21.65.

Coupled with friendly service, our visit confirmed this eaterie was Tasty by name and tasty by nature.

Lemon Meringue
. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

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