Eating Out

Eating Out

Leeds Citybuzz: The top three food hotspots in Leeds this week

Here are the top three food hotspots in Leeds this week...

Eating Out
The salad bar at Chop'd where customers can choose from a wide selection of ingredients. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

Review: Chop’d, Wellington Street, Leeds

JUST A few weeks into the New Year as we are, I’d hazard there are still plenty of you striving to stick to resolutions to eat healthier or take a proper lunch break instead of shovelling in food while hunched at a desk.

‘Destination’ eateries recipe for success

‘Destination’ eateries recipe for success

Leeds needs to create more fine dining ‘destination’ restaurants in order for the city’s food industry to have a significant impact on tourism and the economy.


Why the price of courgettes is rocketing

You may have noticed that the price of courgettes is higher than normal.

Eating Out
Siu Mai Pork and Prawn. PIC: Simon Hulme

Restaurant review: Mans Market, Leeds

I’ve eaten my share of Chinese.

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Casino chef comes up with winner menus

Victoria gate casino has unveiled its head of food and beverage ahead of next week’s grand opening.

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Northern food guru is perfect ingredient

Northern food guru is perfect ingredient

The food guru of the north has been drafted in to help feed the needs of Leeds’ culinary scene.

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16 May 2013.....   Cafe Enzo on Kirkstall Road, Leeds

Review: Cafe Enzo, Kirkstall, Leeds

Cafe Enzo on Kirkstall Road is an old favourite, its owners are stalwarts of the local dining cognoscenti and over the years it has cemented its reputation so well that even the 2015 Boxing Day floods couldn’t budge it.

Donal Skehan.

Interview: From crooning to cooking for former boyband star Donal Skehan

A decade ago, young Donal Skehan was plying his trade as a pop star, showcasing his dance moves and– “the most mortifying aspect of it” – wearing matching white training outfits to the gym with his Streetwize bandmates.

Eating Out
The new superfood trends to watch out for in 2017

The new superfood trends to watch out for in 2017

Clean eaters could be scoffing offal, insects and algae this year as new superfood trends take off.

5 January 2017 .......  Oliver
The Moody Cow, Apperley Bridge.  Picture Tony Johnson

Restaurant review: The Moody Cow, Apperley Bridge

The Moody Cow has a lot going for it, not least of which is its location (the wonderfully quaint sounding Apperley Bridge)

Burgers at the Fat Hippo

Six new bars and restaurants to try in Leeds

January may be the month where everyone commits to dieting and makes a mad dash for the gym, but with so many new eateries to enjoy in Leeds, it’d be rude to say ‘no thanks’.
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Five must-read Leeds food blogs

Here is a selection of food blogs run by Leeds writers showcasing what culinary delights the city has to offer.

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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been hit by a combination of rising Brexit cost pressures and tough trading.

Bad taste as Jamie Oliver closes six restaurants - 120 staff hit

Jamie Oliver is to close six Jamie’s Italian restaurants as the celebrity chef is hit by a combination of rising Brexit cost pressures and tough trading.

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Out of the Woods, Granary Wharf.  Pictures: Simon Hulme

Review: Out of the Woods, Granary Wharf, Leeds

Leeds has long been at the forefront of the independent coffee shop scene and so standing apart from the crowd is no easy task.

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Restaurant review: Pintura, Leeds

Even as recently as five years ago if someone had suggested going on a tapas crawl through the centre of Leeds they would have been laughed out the room.

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The Wetherby Whaler

Popular chip shop is frying high after award win

One of the most popular fish and chip shops in the Leeds region has been given a national award.


Review: Almost Famous, Great George Street, Leeds

So Christmas is officially over. Time for salads, exercise and virtue in all departments now.

Eating Out
Smoked proscutto ham salad, crispy mozzarella, apple parmesan tuile, goats cheese.
 PIC: Bruce Rollinson

Restaurant review: Rascills, York

Richard Johns has returned with a new restaurant near York. About time too, writes Jill Turton, as he has been missed.

Eating Out
That's Amore opened its doors on Stainbeck Road in April 2015.

Expansion plans for north Leeds Italian takeaway

A popular Italian takeaway and espresso bar is expanding into the premises next door thanks to demand from customers who wanted to see their food cooked in front of them.

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