Centurion ***

SIMON Scarrow's splendid Eagle series, chronicling the adventures of Macro and Cato in the army of ancient Rome, has grown even stronger with the publication of this gripping new addition.

We are again in the first century AD, and the Roman Empire is now facing a new threat – this time from Parthia, its long-standing enemy. Both states are vying for control of the officially-neutral Palmyra, and when Rome provocatively sends a task force, commanded by Macro and Cato, to guard Palmyra's borders, neighbouring Parthia begins to prepare for war.

As the inevitable conflicts unfold, Scarrow once again demonstrates his remarkable gift for portraying the life of a Roman soldier with vivid and sympathetic realism. His firm grasp of history, coupled with a flowing narrative style, ensures that Centurion is a rewarding read. RC




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